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About Us


Tim Johnson

Tim is the CEO and Co-founder of BIZROK. With over fifteen years in the financial sector, Tim joined forces with his wife to create a business performance, financial and training company for elite business owners. His expertise and record of success inspired him to create an executive coaching program that has helped hundreds of business owners. In this program, Tim guides individuals in discovering their vision, obtaining goals, leadership development, personal growth, and financial goal setting and accountability. He creates strategic, custom plans for business owners that are attainable and focused on achieving financial success. As a result, he has become a sought-after financial coach for businesses both large and small.  


In his free time, Tim enjoys running, spending time with family, playing a round of golf or going to the beach. Tim would rather start his day with a good run and end up at the beach with his family!


Lauren Johnson

Lauren is the Chief Experience Officer and Co-founder of BIZROK. After over ten years in the medical and dental sectors and working with hundreds of practices and teams across the country, Lauren joined forces with her husband to create a unique experience and accountability system for business owners. Her expertise with team training on language, customer service, case presentation and leadership inspired her to create the unique, Train Your Trainer Program. Throughout her career, she has become a champion of the customer and is regarded as the virtuoso of any team.  Business partners seek her out for her wisdom, knowledge, receptivity, and openness. Lauren keeps teams accountable, on task and grounded.  She is dedicated to client success and is relentless no matter the situation or circumstance. 


In her free time, Lauren enjoys traveling, spending time with family, hosting large gatherings at her home and diving into a good book. One of her all-time favorite books is Give and Take, a groundbreaking book focused on how individuals interact with one another and how your interactions with others can make or break your own success.

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